The Hustle
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The Hustle

For those unaware, The Hustle, written by Jac Schaeffer and directed The Row by Chris Addison, is a gender-swapped remake of Frank Oz’s Steve Martin/Michael Caine hit Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ($42 million domestic off a $3.8m debut in December of 1988), or around $96m adjusted for inflation). Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson will be playing conniving con artists this Day of the Dead: Bloodline time around, with Alex Sharp presumably playing their mutual mark, who was portrayed by Glenne Headly the first time out.

The original was a PG-rated comedy, but the remake, barring an appeal or some edits before theatrical release, might be an R-rated flick. In the realm of “Hmm, this intrigues me,” Box Office Mojo and Exhibitor Relations have both reported that the MPAA has given The Hustle an R for “some crude sexual references.” As much grief as I gave MGM the other day over RoboCop sequel/reboot plans, The Hustle is closer in concept to their successful Overboard remake. They are making a film, whether it ends up with an R or a PG-13, that could be appealing Pet Sematary to folks with little interest or awareness in the original IP.

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