Working Woman
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Working Woman

Orna is full of life and optimism at the start of her new job in real estate. Eager to bring something potentially more stable to the table for her three children Proud Mary and dream-seeking new restaurant owner partner, she is only thrilled when her new boss, Benny, recognises her from military service and hires her at his big-time company.

She and us could almost miss the first red flag. A co-worker questions why she is working so closely with Benny, the head when it is only her first foray into real estate. What follows is that telling cinematic inhale – the slightest elongation of silence between this comment and the next. Orna’s gaze: still and bereft of any suspicion, only a little shyness. Benny: already reaching between them, drawing the commenter away by the shoulder, interrupting, moving things along brusquely before they can be examined too closely for ill-intent.

The saddest thing is that Orna proves she deserves her place. Capable, outgoing, and efficient: she visibly brings in new clients and new ideas, sending emails for meetings she conceptualised 2 weeks in advance, and juggling her children’s cry for attention with overtime hours.

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Genre: Drama


Actors: , ,


Duration: 93 min


IMDb: 7.4

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